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About T2 Utility Engineers.

T2 Utility Engineers (T2) is a multi-disciplinary company that focuses on providing services related to Utility Infrastructure throughout the United States and Canada. We have the personnel and experience in more than 30 locations to handle above and below ground utility aspects of any project, from small development jobs to large-scale, billion dollar infrastructure projects. We are recognized experts at managing the risks associated with utilities.

In 2019, Cardno’s Utility Engineering & Surveying group in Canada and the US transitioned to operations as T2 Utility Engineers. Read more about our growth on our History page.

Since establishing Subsurface Utility Engineering services in the US in the early 1990s, T2 has become a leader and recognized expert in the industry. Our professionals are certified engineers, geophysicists, surveyors, designers, and field technicians who assess and provide professional judgment on potential utility impacts. We have proven that through the use of geophysics and proper engineering and surveying process, we can produce accurate, reliable drawings of the underground infrastructure.

T2 is pleased to have provided Utility Engineering services on more than 12,000 infrastructure projects for provincial Ministries of Transportation and state Departments of Transportation; regional transit authorities; regional, state and municipal governments, as well as private corporations. Visit our Project Experience section or contact us to learn more about our utility engineering and surveying projects and let us customize a solution for your next project.

Our Strategic Vision

Our Strategic Vision outlines our priorities for the next three years. We use it as a framework to focus our efforts and achieve the goals we’ve established. The decision to share our vision externally reinforces our commitment to providing our clients with exceptional value and our continued leadership in the Utility Engineering and Surveying (UES) industry. Please take a look by clicking the image. Contact our President, Lawrence Arcand, with any questions or comments.

T2 staff speak at numerous conferences each year and are involved with organizations throughout the industry.

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